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Hori-Zone Crossbow Package Alpha-XT

Hori-Zone Crossbow Package Alpha-XT


Pro grade crossbow “Alpha-XT” dedicate premium design, outstanding performance and remarkable features gives your hunting moment impressively. As you already know, conquer your fear, sharpen your gear!


  • Draw Weight: 185 lbs
  • Speed: 365+ fps
  • Power Stroke: 14″
  • Bow Weight 6.20 lbs
  • Compact Design: 19″ Uncocked and 15.5″ Cocked


  • Radical CNC Machined Cams
  • Aluminium Alloy Flight Barrel Advance Accuracy, Stability, Smoothness.
  • Compression Moulded Limb ‚CML’ Technology
  • Precision Scope Mount/ Trigger Assembly
  • Ambidextrous Anti-Dry Fire and Auto-Safety
  • Lightweight High Performance Synthetic Rear Stock / Barrel
  • Integrated Full Barrel Picatinny Rail Accepts 100s of Aftermarket Accessories

The package also include:

  • Adjustable Pica Tiny Mount Forearm
  • Shelter Quick Dispatch Quiver Set
  • Three High Grade Carbon Arrows
  • Pro-Grade Illuminated Glass Reticle Scope
  • Talon Rope Cocker
  • Side Crawler Bracket with Pica Clip Mount